Moles Environmental Services, Inc., a Corporation established in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, provides temporary operator services, part-time operator services, Management supervision, site surveys, Title 5 inspections, laboratory personnel, Laboratory services, analytical services, sludge pumping and hauling, technical Assistance, permit compliance monitoring, personnel training, and consulting services to all sectors and clients.


Moles Environmental Services, Inc. utilizes highly professional, independent, self-employed, and under-employed certified operators to fulfill the staffing requirements of its clients. This may be otherwise known as: CONTRACTED PER DIEM PERSONNEL SERVICES. The personnel used have expertise in certification training, laboratory training, QA/QC testing, design services, engineering reviews, wastewater treatment (primary, secondary, tertiary, chemical, and advanced treatment) for domestic wastes, and wastewater treatment  (batch, continuous, neutralization, metals removal and recovery) for industrial wastes, hazardous material handling, facility design and construction.


Moles Environmental Services, Inc. is located in Taunton, Massachusetts, and organized under the Massachusetts Business Corporation Law, G.L. Chapter 156B. Support facilities include computer-aided design and data acquisition, management, graphics, regulatory reporting, like Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR), Toxic Reduction Inventory  (TRI), hazardous material inventory control, SARA, CERCLA, and report reproduction, analytical laboratory services, and outside services for manifested, certified and licensed sludge hauling and material handling. In-house engineering and design services are the most complete in the field. The computer system also provides word processing and serves as the central function in the firm's management information system in addition to data storage. Moles Environmental Services, Inc. provides specialty on-site services that include: Site Assessment, Site Evaluation, Water and Soil Analysis, Marine Water and Specimen Analysis, personnel training under the "Right-To-Know" legislation and certification training to up-grade clients' permanent employees and staff. An outline of the services previously and presently provided by Moles Environmental Services, Inc. is presented in the following pages.